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Serving South Florida Since 1961


W & W Lumber Companies are a family owned business that have operated in the South Florida region for over 50 years. The first W & W Lumber Company was opened in Indiantown, Florida, by Homer and Iris Wall with a $10,000 loan, a lot of prayer, and a heart full of determination. Homer would go out in his pickup truck with a cooler full of sodas and a huge smile, calling on all the contractors in the area while his wife, Iris, would hold down the home front at the store. All W & W locations are full service lumber yards and Ace Hardware stores, providing lumber, hardware, building supplies, trusses, millwork, windows, doors, and more.

At W & W Lumber, we specialize in service.  We pride ourselves in honest, friendly service from a knowledgeable staff, and, as always, free local delivery, which can't always be found elsewhere.  In a time where gas prices are constantly moving up, this service is becoming obsolete, but, at W & W Lumber, we believe that service always comes first.


In an era of big box stores, we find pride in being one of the few independent lumber and hardware stores left in our area.  We feel that what separates us from the competition is our knowledge and service.  We, at W & W Lumber, go the extra mile to make every customer walk away feeling like their experience at our store was an exceptional one.

Dependable Free Local Delivery

W&W Lumber's fleet of delivery trucks has grown over the years. Now, we have the trucks to deliver the materials you need when and where you need them. From one-ton trucks for the smaller loads to forklift-trucks for convenient unloading and placement of materials and even tractor trailers for the really large loads. W&W Lumber has the fleet of trucks to make it happen. Plus, materials you purchase from W&W Lumber are always delivered locally free of charge. It's just one of our ways of providing our customers the dependable service they deserve.

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